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Pike Place Market Centennial - Home
Birth of the Market
Early Expansion
Traffic and the Fate of the Market
The City's Role as Overseer
Farmers and the Market
Japanese Farmers and Race Relations
The Aging of the Market
Plans for Change
Citizen Protests
Initiative 1
Rehabilitating the Market
The Market Revitalized
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Pike Place Market Centennial

Birth of the Market

Responding to public outcry over the unreasonably high cost of food and farmer anger about low prices received from commission houses for their crops, the City Council, under the leadership of Council President Thomas Revelle, passed Ordinance no. 16636 establishing a public farmers' market on the west side of Pike Place. The market officially opened on August 17, 1907, and quickly became a popular place for Seattle citizens to shop and save money on food. By 1909, the market averaged 64 farmers per day and 300,000 visitors per month.

market regulations
Market regulations
Farmers' tables
Farmers' tables
Mayor's Message
Mayor's message
annual report
Annual report

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