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The Seattle Open Housing Campaign, 1959-1968



Oct. 24, 1964
The Hon. Mayor, City of Seattle:
After much thought, I am compelled to write in protest [sic] your appointment of a Negro as Judge in Seattle. I base my objection solely on the basis of race for the simple reason I personally do not believe any Negro is worthy or qualified to judge members of the white race. Much as we hear about open housing and white people's opposition on the grounds of a decline in property values, the real opposition is in the fact they want to keep themselves and their children removed from negro influence, even though they hesitate to say so publicly. A good part of your vote for mayor came by your stand against open housing. You will notice that barring Negro Bloc voting districts, no negro can get elected to any office in these United States. If they get a public office it's generally through the back door, by appointment. The last election should convince the integrationists beyond doubt, that white people by a large majority reject integration. (IE) (California Prop 14) (Akron Ohio) (Detroit) (Seattle) (Tacoma). Anywhere it has been on the ballot, it has been defeated except in Maryland where the Negro pushed it through, and in despite of dire warnings, threats, etc. from church, press and other media.
I therefore respectfully submit this letter to you in protest against the appointment of a negro judge in the City of Seattle.
Yours truly,
C.H. Birney

Courtesy: C.H. Birney to Mayor Braman, October 24, 1964. Folder "Municipal Courts - Judge Replacement, 1964," Box 30. Seattle Office of the Mayor Records, 5210-01. Seattle Municipal Archives.

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