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Hoovervilles in Seattle - Digital Documents

Petitions and protests of unemployed, CF 130044
     Petition to Mayor and City Council for relief to unemployed (Feb. 1931)
     Flyer for demonstration (February 10, 1931)

Correspondence regarding sanitary conditions in Hooverville, CF 147091
     Petition for community bath houses in Hooverville (May 15, 1935)
     Response from Health Department (May 23, 1935)

Excerpt from Health Department Annual Report (1935)

Removal of Shacks
     Request for removal of Interbay shacks (April 24, 1937; CF 154992)
     Request for removal of Interbay shacks (March 4, 1938; CF 158274)

Protest against Hooverville evictions (October 10, 1938; CF 160628)

Petition of Hooverville Committee for removal of WPA Project (October 24, 1938; CF 160740)

Reports on Hooverville locations and conditions, CF 169237
     Letter from Housing Authority to City Council (March 4, 1941)
     Report of Shack Elimination Committee (April 14, 1941)
     Exhibit A: Map of Number and Distribution of Shacks (March 5, 1941)
     Exhibit B: Location and Number of Shacks (March 5, 1941)
     Exhibit C: Physical Conditions and Occupancy of Shacks (March 5, 1941)

Petition of Seattle Housing Authority regarding demolition of shacks. (May 21, 1941; CF 170058)

Requests from Commissioner of Health
     Request regarding additional staff (May 22, 1941; CF 170168)
     Request regarding destruction of shacks (April 13, 1942; CF 173660)

Excerpt from "The Story of Hooverville, In Seattle" by Jesse Jackson, Mayor of Hooverville (1935)

Excerpt from "Hooverville: A Study of a Community of Homeless Men in Seattle" by Donald Francis Roy (1935)

Excerpt from "Seattle's Hooverville" by Leslie D. Erb (1935)

First (1933) and Second (1937) Inaugural Addresses of President Franklin D. Roosevelt

     Hooverville at old Skinner and Eddy Shipyard (July 20, 1932)
     Shacks along railroad tracks near 6th and Holgate (June 2, 1933)
     Shacks at 100 Block of Elliott W. (June 2, 1933)
     Hooverville from west (June 20, 1933)
     Hooverville from above (March 1, 1934)
     Shantytown on 6th Avenue S. (October 25, 1939)