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The Great Seattle Fire of 1889 - Home
Digital Documents
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The Great Seattle Fire of 1889 - Digital Documents

Petition and report to create a fire company in Belltown (April 11, 1884)

Petition of Fire Company #4 for a fire engine (January 16, 1885)

Report of Citizen Committee on replatting the city (June 10, 1889)

Report of the Fire and Water Committee on collision involving fire engine (June 1889)

Notice of election for a water works (June 26, 1889)

Appointment of Appraiser and Protest against Condemnation by H. L. Yesler (July 19, 1889)

Petition of J.T. Beadle for return of $600 deposited for liquor license (August 3, 1889)

Petition of H. Hershberg & Co. for reduction of assessment (August 16, 1889)

Report of committee on mayor's message regarding fire boat (August 17, 1889)

Policy on tents within the city fire limits (November 22, 1889)