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Century 21 World's Fair - Home
Digital Documents
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Century 21 World's Fair - Digital Documents

Fair Preparations and Information

Housing Shortage

  Housing Planning Efforts

  Housing shortage- public reactions
  • Letters and petition sent to Council protesting the raising of rental rates for Fair (January 30,1962), along with copy of notification of said increase in rent sent by owner (January 29,1962)

  • Letter sent to Council expressing skepticism about eviction claims and suggesting a solution (February 6, 1962)

  • Letters sent to Mayor Clinton protesting evictions due to Fair-related rental rate increases (April 11 & 14, 1962)

  Housing shortage- elected official reactions

Fair Images

  • Preparation for the Fair
  • Photo of Space Needle under construction (October 17, 1961)

  • Photo of removal of last utility pole on fair grounds (February 23, 1962)

  • Photo of underground wiring installation (March 8, 1962)

  • Photographs of the Fair
  • Photo of Monorail Train at Downtown Station (March 29, 1962)

  • Photo of Space Needle base and surrounding exhibits (undated)

  • Photo of Space Needle and Flags (March 29, 1962)

  • Photo of Street Scene at the Fair (April, 1962)

  • Photo of some International Exhibits at the Fair (April, 1962)