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A Memorable Enterprise: The AYPE and the City of Seattle

Police, Fire, and Water

AYPE construction
AYPE construction

The Police Department expressed concern for adequate security not only at the fair grounds but also around the city, given the large number of expected visitors. In its request for additional funds, the department stated, "The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition will be held in this city during the coming year, and as a result numbers of the best pickpockets, confidence men and criminals will flock to this city. The exposition grounds will be amply protected both by uniform men and detectives from the east who are familiar with eastern crooks and criminals; but no provision has been made to protect the city."

An AYPE Committee met with Mayor Miller to voice concerns about having an adequate police force on the Exposition grounds. The AYPE originally planned to police the grounds and use the city's police department to patrol "the approaches, entrances, street car termini, etc.," but came to the Mayor with a request for the city to assume complete charge, "police the grounds, bear the expense and assume the burden thereof." The Mayor was willing to declare an emergency in order to put an ample police force in place. He agreed to provide 75 uniformed "emergency men," and asked the Exposition to "bear the expense of the ten men constituting the detective corps or plain clothes men," all under the authority of the Chief of Police.

The Lighting and Water Department met with the AYPE Committee regarding pipe, hydrants, and other water equipment needed for use on the Exposition grounds, reporting that the AYPE did not want to buy the pipe outright "but wish to arrange for having it loaned to them by the City." The AYPE's Division of Works agreed that of the 21,000 linear feet of cast iron pipe, 62 hydrants, and seven or eight stand pipes, whatever was not paid for at its cost value would "be removed by the exposition management and delivered in good order to the City of Seattle."

The City also agreed to provide the exposition with "Cedar River water" at a rate of $15.00 per million gallons.

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