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A Memorable Enterprise: The AYPE and the City of Seattle

Parks: Boulevards, Rocks, and Plants

Frink Boulevard
Frink Boulevard

Completing the "boulevard system," originally laid out by the Olmsted Brothers (who also designed the AYPE grounds), was the goal of the Parks Department. The department's 1908 Annual Report described the boulevards as a priority because they would enable tourists to drive from the Bailey Peninsula, near what is now Seward Park, to the Exhibition grounds. By the end of 1908, however, the report stated that "a great deal remains undone. The immediate desire is to have the system in such condition that it will prove a credit to Seattle during the visit of the many visitors to the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition..."

The Board of Park Commissioners assisted the Exposition planners in other ways. Stone was needed for constructing roads on the Exposition grounds. The State did not have funds for a stone quarry, so the Board of Park Commissioners approved $8,333.33 on January 30, 1908, for "the erection of a rock-crushing plant on the Military Reservation at Deception Pass, Skagit County, Washington." City Council approved the rock quarry and appropriated $30,000 on June 15, 1908; the Mayor signed the ordinance on June 30. The plant was leased to the State of Washington until August 1909 when the law was repealed.

The Park Board also directed the Superintendent of Parks to provide the Exposition with plants and shrubs, "as much stock as could be spared," which was noted in the Park Board Minutes on November 2, 1908.

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