NE 130th 145th Multimodal Access Plan


In the video below we will discuss the City's latest planning processes for the NE 130th St and South Shoreline/145th St Stations Multimodal Access Plan, led by the Seattle Department of Transportation, and offer tips for how to engage with the survey and our next steps.

About This Draft Plan

The 18 proposed projects came from a year and a half long planning process. The projects that you see are at the early planning phase and are examples of potential projects in the neighborhood. Once we land on the right projects (with your help), we will need to do more analysis and community engagement to advance designs, identify funding sources, and schedule when to build them.

About This Survey

Please let us know what you think about each of the proposed projects you're interested in by clicking on the links below the map. Please note that each link will take you to a dedicated survey for that specific project. UPDATE: The survey deadline has been extended to Wednesday, August 19.

Multimodal Map
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West Sector

1. NE 130th St Overpass & Shared-Use Sidewalk
2. N 145th St Crossings (West of I-5)
3. N 130th Corridor Improvements (SR 99 to NE 130th St Overpass)
4. 1st Ave NE Improvements (South of N 130th St)
5. Corliss Ave N Neighborhood Greenway
6. Roosevelt Way N Neighborhood Greenway & Shared-Use Path
7. N 137th St Neighborhood Greenway
8. Ashworth Ave N Neighborhood Greenway

Northeast Sector

9. Jackson Park Trail Improvements
10. NE 145th St Crossings & Sidewalk Improvement (East of I-5)
11. 15th Ave NE Street Redesign
12. NE 135th St Greenway (East of I-5)
13. NE 143rd St Neighborhood Greenway
14. 20th Ave NE Neighborhood Greenway

Southeast Sector

15. NE 125th St & Roosevelt Way NE Street Redesign
16. 8th Ave NE Neighborhood Greenway
17. NE 125th St Transit & Crossing Improvements
18. 5th Ave NE Sidewalk Improvements

Additional Thoughts and Questions?

If you have other questions, comments, or concerns, or want to let us know how this format worked for you, please leave your comments here. We will try to address as many comments and questions as possible in a follow up video.