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Manage your business licensing and tax account using FileLocal, the online portal that allows business owners to take care of their licensing and tax needs in several Washington cities in one online location.

Need a new license?
Use FileLocal to get a new business license tax certificate. Before you begin the online process, please be sure to obtain a UBI number from the state of Washington, if your business is legally required to have one. If you determine that your business is not legally required to have a UBI number, and you are operating as a sole proprietor, you may create a business account on FileLocal by clicking on "Skip UBI Question," then selecting "Enter UBI Later." This will allow you to proceed with your application.

Need to renew?
Use FileLocal to renew your license tax certificate annually.

Need to file a tax return and pay your taxes?
You can file tax returns and pay taxes due online through FileLocal or the Seattle Electronic Filing System (SELF). At this time, the sweetened beverage tax can only be paid online through FileLocal.

For help using the FileLocal system, view the Business User QuickStart Guide.

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