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The City of Seattle issues general obligation bonds to finance various municipal projects and revenue bonds for each of its publicly owned utilities.

Upcoming Issues

None at this time.

Ratings Reports and Disclosure

Below are links to the most recent official statements and current financial information and ratings reports:

(and 6 digit CUSIPs*)
Recent Annual
Financial Reports
Recent Official
Ratings Reports for Recent Issues
General Obligation Bonds
(CUSIPs beginning 812626 & 812627)
2022 Audited Financial Statement 2023 Official Statement
Municipal Light & Power
Revenue Bonds

(CUSIPs beginning 812642 & 812643)
2022 Audited
Financial Statement

2023A Official Statement

2023B Official Statement

Water System
Revenue Bonds

(CUSIPs beginning 812728)
2022 Audited
Financial Statement
2022 Official Statement
Drainage Wastewater System
Revenue Bonds

(CUSIPs beginning 812631)
2022 Audited
Financial Statement

2023 Official Statement

Solid Waste System
Revenue Bonds

(CUSIPs beginning 812702 & 812710)
2022 Audited
Financial Statement
2021 Official Statement

*See Official Statements for specific CUSIP numbers. CUSIP data is provided by the CUSIP Global Services, managed on behalf of the American Bankers Association by Standard and Poor's. CUSIP numbers have been assigned by an independent company not affiliated with the City and are provided solely for convenience and reference and are not intended to create a database or in any way serve as a substitute for CUSIP service. The CUSIP numbers for a specific maturity are printed in the Official Statement for each issue, but are subject to change after the date of issuance. The City takes no responsibility for the accuracy of any CUSIP numbers.