MFTE and Incentive Zoning Compliance

The Seattle Office of Housing monitors multifamily properties with commitments through the Multifamily Tax Exemption (MFTE) and Incentive Zoning (IZ or Housing Bonus) programs. Property managers must ensure that all participating units meet affordability restrictions, determine income eligibility of all resident households, and calculate rents in accordance with program requirements. OH compliance staff review projects yearly and perform on-site file audits every one to three years. (Page last updated 1/8/2018)

Renters: This page is intended for property managers of buildings participating in the MFTE or IZ programs. Renters interested in applying for properties should review the materials under Private Apartment Buildings on the Office of Housing Find Housing page. Properties participating in the programs will have the most current information on vacancies and will conduct the income certification process. 

MFTE/IZ Compliance Training Opportunities

All current training opportunities are filled and no additional trainings are planned for the remainder of 2017.  Spring 2018 training availability will be announced in mid-February 2018.

 Program Compliance Resources

Income and Rent Limits

The following tables are effective until the 2018 income and rent limits are released, likely early April 2018.

Utility Allowances

2017 Annual Reporting

Additional Resources

Income Verification

All properties participating in the MFTE and Incentive Zoning programs must certify that applicants are income eligible for the program(s).  Property managers must:

  • Have applicants disclose all income sources on Resident Eligibility Application (REA)
  • Obtain documentation for each income source and asset disclosed by applicant
  • Calculate total household income from source documentation and enter into Household Eligibility Certification (HEC)
  • Household must be below the maximum allowable income limit and have all above documentation on file prior to signing a lease/renting unit

Refer to Compliance Manual and Compliance Reference above for more detail on income certification procedures. The latest version of forms accepted by the program will be found below.

MFTE/IZ Resident Application

Income Verification Forms

Asset Verification Forms

Household Certification