Oil-to-Electric (Clean Heat) Program

If you currently heat your home using an oil furnace, then you are aware of the ever-increasing costs associated with this heating system.Through the Office of Housing's new Clean Heat program for homeowners, our goal is to help lower your home's energy usage, and reduce your utility costs by converting your oil furnace to an electric heating system. The Office of Housing receives funds from federal, state, and local sources to provide these improvements atno cost to you (FREE).

Only homeowners & renters with property address within the City of Seattle jurisdiction may apply. 

By participating in our program, you may be helping reduce your home's impact on the environment. The following is a list of our Clean Heat program services:

  • Convert an oil furnace to an electric heated furnace
  • Decommission your oil tank
  • Perform general health and safety inspections
  • you may automatically qualify for additional improvements through our Weatherization Program after participating in the Clean Heat program.

If you have questions on how to fill out the application, call to speak to our intake staff at (206) 684-0244

In your message, please include:

  1. Property address,  
  2. Let us know if you recieved a letter about this program from the Office of Housing, or other agency