Duwamish Valley: Background & Resources

For years, the communities in the Duwamish Valley have experienced documented inequities. To start addressing these inequities, Seattle City Council passed Resolution 31567, directing the creation of a City Interdepartmental Team to align and coordinate City programs and capital investments to address these issues. In April 2016, the City released the Equity & Environment Agenda and announced the creation of the Duwamish Valley Program as an immediate action to advance the environmental justice goals of the agenda. Since June 2016, OSE and OPCD have worked with sixteen other City departments (Duwamish Valley Action Team or DAT) to better align and coordinate efforts in this geographic area to advance environmental justice, address racial and neighborhood-level disparities, reduce health inequities, build community capacity, create stronger economic pathways and opportunity, and build trust in government.

Additional resources that contributed to the development of the Duwamish Valley Action Plan

Resilience District Resources