Seattle Building Tune-Ups

Seattle Building Tune-Ups is a progressive energy efficiency policy that helps building owners identify smart, responsible ways to reduce energy and water costs. Like cars and bikes, all buildings need to be tuned regularly to keep them running as efficiently as possible. Through tune-ups, building owners find operational efficiencies and low- and no-cost fixes that improve building performance and on average reduce building energy use 10- 15%.


Building Tune-Ups Workbook Now Available Online 

OSE finalized the Tune-Ups Workbook to help building owners and their representatives plan or complete a tune-up. It is a reference document that can also serve as a means to collect results. OSE will not be accepting Tune-Up Summary Reports in an excel workbook format. All data will be collected via an online portal available in the Spring of 2018.

  • View the Workbook here.
  • Read more about complying with the Building Tune-Ups ordinance on our How to Comply page. 


Final Rule for Seattle Building Tune-Ups Requirement 

OSE is pleased to issue OSE Director's Rule 2016-01 which implements the Seattle Building Tune-Ups Ordinance adopted in March 2016. The Director's Rule further explains the Tune-Ups requirement, and is the result of more than a year of collaboration with stakeholders to make this new policy clear and workable, with a focus on saving energy and flexibility for building owners. OSE thanks the Tune-Ups Technical Working Group and the dozens of other building owners, managers and energy management experts who helped shape these requirements.