Residential Green Building Case Studies

Healthy Homes for a Healthy Environment

These residential case studies demonstrate how smart technologies, eco-friendly materials, energy-efficiency and other green features combine to make a great living environment. Each feature provides an inside look at the goals and challenges experienced by the project team--owner, builder, architect, engineer and developer--as well as the lessons they learned from being at the cutting edge of green building. All files presented in PDF format.

Capitol Hill House
- a Built Green Design Competition winner
Once a drab, boxy house with a flat roof, this home is now a bright, modern showcase of energy-efficiency and new technology. It incorporates numerous advanced building concepts and is wired to take advantage of current and future "smart house" technologies.

The Green Compact
- a Built Green Design Competition winner
This brightly colored house sold quickly for a premium price. The lot was narrow and small, so the architect and builder focused on a plan that respects neighboring houses and provides good light.

Huppert Remodel/Addition
- a Built Green Design Competition winner
With careful, selective remodeling and a modest expansion, this 1980s house gained neighbors, a sweeping view across Ballard to the Olympic Mountains, and many energy-efficient and water-thrifty features, including a green roof on the garage.

Pantages Apartments
Strategies for sustainable design and construction at Pantages Apartments were successfully integrated with the overall goals of adding to the supply of offordable housing, preserving a historic landmark residence and creating a pedestrian-friendly environment.

Perkins Lane Remodel
Once a funky house on a magnificent Puget Sound shoreline site, this was the perfect remodeling candidate. The owner was tempted to expand the house, but determined to "do the right thing," he focused instead on refreshing priorities: improving energy efficiency, protecting the steep slope, and correcting awkward features while minimizing material use.

Phinney Ridge Remodel
This successful Built GreenTM remodel in Seattle's Phinney Ridge neighborhood expresses two of the architect's passions--green building and modern design. The house sold in just two days.

Sensible House
- a Built Green Design Competition winner
This new award-winning house and apartment were built to prove it's possible to meet the highest environmental standards in a home that's also beautiful, comfortable, functional and affordable. It was Seattle's first five-star Built GreenTM home.

Studio 24
Starting with a small, skinny lot in central Seattle and piles of building materials that others had discarded, the builder of this house created a bright, modern residence that fits well within this neighborhood of older homes. The house is well placed on the lot, creating an inviting entry and a yard that feels more spacious that its actual size.