Demonstration Complaint Dashboard

This page shows OPA's progress toward completing investigations into SPD's conduct at recent protests.

OPA has been contacted over 18,000 times about SPD's response to the demonstrations. So far, the emails, phone calls, and other feedback have resulted in 28 primary investigations, listed below. Some of these cases are comprised of thousands of complaints about a single incident.

OPA is working to complete as many of these investigations as possible in under 90 days. This timeline is half of the standard investigation time provided in police labor contracts.

The dashboard is updated weekly.

Investigation Steps

  1. Receiving/processing complaint information (0% to <5%)
  2. Collecting and reviewing known videos and documents (5% to <15%)
  3. Attempting to interview eyewitnesses/victims (15% to <25%)
  4. Identifying involved officers and/or chain of command (25% to <30%)
  5. In-depth analysis of videos, documents, and statements (30% to <45%)
  6. Classifying policy violation allegations (45% to <50%)
  7. Interviewing named and witness employees (50% to <65%)
  8. Completing investigation report; submitting for review by the Office of Inspector General (65% to <80%)
  9. Reviewing investigation; drafting findings (80% to <100%)
  10. Issuing findings (100%)

Demonstration Case Progress


Last updated 6/26/20