Demonstration Complaint Dashboard

Since May 30th, OPA has been contacted approximately 19,000 times about SPD's conduct at and response to various demonstrations. So far, the emails, phone calls, and other feedback have resulted in 118 cases, listed below. Some of these cases are comprised of thousands of complaints about a single incident.

OPA is working around the clock to complete these investigations. We initially aspired to finish most in under 90 days - half the time an investigation usually takes - but the continued influx of new complaints has made that impossible. Please bear with us as we do our best to provide both thorough and objective investigations under these circumstances.

The next update to this page is planned for Friday, October 2nd.

Additional information about the graphs:

  • Allegations of excessive force are abbreviated as "EF".
  • Generally, for discipline to be imposed, OPA must complete its investigation and issue findings within 180 days. Certain circumstances allow OPA to request an extension to the 180-day timeline or "toll" the timeline during a period when OPA cannot work on it. Examples of these circumstances include unavailability of the involved/witness employee or union representative; the OPA Director position becomes vacant due to unforeseen exigent circumstances; the case has been referred to an external agency for criminal investigation; or another reason beyond the control of SPD.
  • Some complaints do not follow the standard investigation steps listed below. For example, complaints processed as a Supervisor Action will not have a Closed Case Summary posted to the OPA website upon completion. In these cases, OPA directs the employee's supervisor to address the issue and return a detailed report to OPA documenting the steps taken.

Standard Investigation Steps

  1. Receiving/processing complaint information (0% to <5%)
  2. Collecting and reviewing known videos & documents (5% to <15%)
  3. Attempting to interview complainants/eyewitnesses (15% to <25%)
  4. Identifying involved officers and/or chain of command (25% to <30%)
  5. In-depth analysis of videos, documents, & statements (30% to <45%)
  6. Classifying policy violation allegations (45% to <50%)
  7. Interviewing named and witness employees (50% to <65%)
  8. Completing investigation report; submitting for review by the Office of Inspector General (65% to <80%)
  9. Reviewing investigation; drafting findings (80% to <100%)
  10. Issuing findings (100%)

Demonstration Case Progress

EF - child pepper sprayed (May 30)EF - officers punching during arrest (May 29)EF - officer knee on necks (May 30)Officer identification issuesBody-worn video not activatedEF - protesters pepper sprayed (May 30)EF - blast ball deployment & thumb injury (May 30)Unsecured rifles in SPD vehicleEF - officers punching during arrest (May 30)Officers damaging storefront (May 30)EF - neck restraint (June 1)EF - blast ball injury to reporter (June 1)EF - overly aggressive crowd dispersal tactics (multiple days)EF - blast ball injury to man sleeping (June 1)Radio threat against protesters (June 2)EF - blast balls hit woman & targeted medic tent (June 7)EF - tear gas used after 30-day ban (June 7)Inappropriate comment (June 4)EF - officers pushed protesters back from barricade (June 5)Unprofessional comments on open radio (June 7)Retaliatory arrest of man who filmed child pepper sprayed (June 6)Neglect of duty to protect & serve East PrecinctSharing misinformation about crime in CHAZ/CHOPEF - individual punched & pepper sprayed (May 30)EF - several baton strikes (June 1)Almost striking protesters with vehicle (June 1)Bicycle officers moved protesters (June 7)EF - officer shoved protester & other officers ignored (May 30)Almost striking protesters with vehicle (May 29)EF - pepper spray & knee on neck (June 4)EF - officers pushed down elderly man (May 30)Officers told people to get off of their own rooftops (June 2)EF - individual targeted with 40mm projectile (June 2)EF - 40mm projectile deployment (June 1)EF - physical force & unprofessionalism at barricade (June 6)Off-duty officer attempted to drive into protesters (July 4)EF - injury during arrest (July 1)EF - baton strike to face while clearing CHOP (July 1)SPD facilitated FBI interview without lawyer present (July 1)EF - gun pointed at peaceful protesters (June 2)Unlawful arrest of journalist while clearing CHOP (July 1)Protester arrested for violating curfew, property missing (July 1)EF - individual pepper sprayed (May 30)EF - blast ball foot injury (May 31)EF - individual pepper sprayed (May 31)Unprofessional comment to protesters (June 6)EF - protester shoved with bike (June 7)EF - blast ball foot injury & dishonest social media report (June 7)EF - grabbing umbrella from protester & foul language (June 7)EF - protesters hit with blast balls, baton (June 6)Failure to render timely aid to protester shot by driver (June 7)EF - blast balls, 40mm launcher used on protester (June 8)EF - bike officer intentional knocked protester over (June 6)Bike officer false arrest of woman for assault (May 31)Biased arrest of protester (June 5)EF - individual trampled, shoved, pepper sprayed (June 7)EF - blast balls struck protester attempting to disperse (June 7)EF - protester shoved for refusing to move (June 7)Officer brandished pepper spray to intimidate protesters (June 6)EF - blast ball foot injury & pepper spray (June 8)EF - officer lunged at, knocked over protester with baton (May 30)SPD did not follow up with 911 caller in CHOP (June 14)EF - NLG legal observers targeted (July 25)EF - officers falsely arrested, dragged woman having seizure (July 25)EF - blast ball thrown at journalist (July 25)EF - officers tackled, arrested bicyclist (July25)EF - nurse in scrubs pepper sprayed (July 25)EF - overly aggressive crowd dispersal tactics (July 25)EF - officer grabbed umbrella, pepper sprayed protesters (July 25)EF - indiscriminate physical force, officer wore Blue Lives Matter mask (July 25)Chief lied about dispatch error during CHOP shooting (June 20)EF - journalists pepper sprayed (July 25)EF - protester injured by projectiles & chemical gas (July 25)EF - protester dragged, hit with baton (July 26)EF - journalist pepper sprayed (July 26)SWAT officers unprofessional (June 8)EF - officers tackled, injured, arrested complying protester (July 2)EF - protester pepper sprayed (July 25)EF - officer tackled protester, placed knee on neck (July 25)EF - blast ball leg injury (July 25)EF - officers grabbed umbrella, pepper sprayed protesters (July 25)EF - blast ball injury to protester (July 26)EF - bike used to strike protester in the head (July 26)SPD supervisor fist bumped officer after use of force (July 25)EF - officers grabbed umbrella, pepper sprayed protester (July 25)EF - protesters shoved, kicked in Cal Anderson park (August 15)Officers broke vehicle window (August 14)Officer drove onto sidewalk, nearly hitting protesters (August 13)Officer played "Bad Boys" song, taunting protesters (July 26)False arrest of protester (July 25)EF - officers escalated violence (August 12)EF - force used on volunteers in Cal Anderson (August 15)EF - bike officers made forceful arrest (August 16)EF - blast balls & arrest of compliant protester (July 25)EF - neck restraint during arrest (July 2)EF - officer rode bike into protester, pepper sprayed another (May 31)EF - protester pepper sprayed (June 1)EF - blast ball injury (June 1)EF - blast balls & tear gas used on peaceful protesters (June 6)EF - blast balls & tear gas used on individual in wheelchair (June 6)EF - officers knocked over woman, breaking tailbone (June 8)EF - officers used bikes to shove protesters, deployed rubber bullets & pepper spray (May 30)EF - officers pepper sprayed, shoved peaceful protester (July 25)EF - officers shoved, arrested individual while clearing CHOP (July 1)EF - journalist pepper sprayed (August 26)EF - forceful arrest while clearing former CHOP (July 2)Officer slapped protester's hand recording on cell phone (July 4)EF - forceful arrest by SPD and outside agency officers (May 30)EF - officers tackled male in Cal Anderson Park (Sept 1)Officer cut straps to arrestee's backpack (May 31)Officer taunted journalist on Twitter (Sept 7)EF - officers tackled, arrested protesters (Sept 7)EF - officers fractured protester's head (Sept 7)EF - SPD incited violence at protest outside of SPOG (Sept 7)EF - officer shoved woman who hit her head (Sept 7)Officer antagonized protesters (Sept 7)EF - officers charged at protesters outside of SPOG (Sept 7)EF - neck restraint (Sept 7)

Completed Cases

Last updated 9/18/20