Organizations Charged with Civilian Oversight of the Police

There are three civilian institutions that oversee the Seattle Police Department:

Community Police Commission

Seattle's Community Police Commission (CPC) has been made a permanent community-led oversight body with a lead role engaging with the community of a range of police accountability issues.

The CPC will monitor implementation of policies to ensure they reflect community values.

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Office Police Accountability

A civilian-led Office Police Accountability (OPA) comprised of both civilian and sworn staff, operationally independent of SPD, with authority to investigate allegations of police misconduct.

OPA will identify systematic problems in SPD and recommend changes.

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Office of Inspector General

A new, fully independent Office of Inspector General (OIG) has been established outside the Seattle Police Department. OIG will review the quality of OPA investigations and audit the management practices, and policies of OPA and SPD to ensure the City maintains police reforms.