Power Delivery

Seattle City Light owns and maintains a network of in-city facilities, substations, and power lines that supplies low-priced electricity to Seattle residences and businesses.

Power Delivery: Substations

South Substation Steel Tower, 1938 North Substation, 1926
West Seattle Substation, 1927 Yesler Substation, 1952


Yesler Substation Battery Room Switchboard, 1930


Power Delivery: Control Center

Power Control Center, Interior, 1968 Power Control Center, Exterior, 1968


Power Delivery: Transmission

26,000 Volt Cutover Western Ave and Wall St, 1927 Light Poles and Power Lines, 1934


City Light Underground, 1952


Power Delivery: Public Services

Street Lights, Construction Division, 1950 City Light Pole Raising Operation Ford Motors Assembly Plant, 1931


Power Delivery: Residential

Worker connecting City Light meter and disconnecting private company's meter, ND Meter Reader, 1939

Power Delivery: Facilities

City Light Warehouse, Fourth Ave South, 1928 Line Trucks at Warehouse, 1940


Power Delivery: Equipment

Insulator for Three-E Switch, City Light South Substation, 1927 City Light, South Service Center, 2007


Power Delivery: Maintenance & Repair

Construction Trucks at 600 Broadway, 1949 Line workers at substation, 2004


City Light Crew and Bucket Truck Repairing Wind Storm Damaged Lines, 2006