From its beginning, Seattle City Light dedicated itself to increasing demand for electricity. City Light offered customers the latest selection of electrical appliances, for either sale or lease, from their network of stores. The utility also promoted the use of electricity through advertising and educational campaigns, and employed hundreds to maintain its networks and provide service to retail customers. Seattle City Light continues to educate its customers, now emphasizing conservation and the wise use of electricity


Electrification: Street Lighting

Night Picture, Third Ave and Yesler Way, 1918


Electrification: Streetcars

Streetcar near Oregon/Washington Railroad Depot construction site, 1911


Electrification: Commerce

All electric restaurant, 1940


Electrification: City Light Stores

Lighting Department, City Light Building Dedication, 1935 City Light storefront, 1933

Electrification: Home Products

Washing Machines, On Sale by City Light Appliance Division, 1936 City Light Sales Room, 1934


Electrification: Outreach

Electric Stove Demonstration, 20738 City Light Float for Parade, 1938


Electrification: Employees & Services

Range Service, 1950 Service Truck, 1945


Electrification: Lighting Design Lab

City Light Lighting Design Lab, 1999


Electrification: Conservation

City Light Salutes Conservation Power Players for 2001, group portrait at Seahawks game, 2001


Electrification: Alternatives

Solar Module construction on roof of Ballard Library and Neighborhood Service Center, 2005