Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act

The City of Seattle is committed to ensuring all people's access to facilities, programs and services. Executive Order 01-2012 directs City departments and offices that manage, design, construct, alter, maintain and lease City facilities and properties to comply with all applicable portions of the regulations related to Title II, including the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

The City's ADA Compliance Team (ACT) is responsible for reviewing all City-owned and leased construction projects to ensure they comply with all ADA and accessibility requirements. If you have questions please contact us.


ACT Construction Project Compliance Information

Most construction projects:

Job Order Contracting (JOC) projects:

Building permit review: When your project is required to be permitted by the City of Seattle, it will have to go through the ACT ADA review. The process is described here:

On rare occasions, your project may experience a hardship that impedes its ability to comply with ADA. The only situations that MIGHT qualify are related to structural impracticability, historic landmark status or topography. If you think your project might qualify, fill out the hardship request form and forward it to the ACT for a decision.

ACT Early Design Guidance: The ACT has developed this guide to assist project managers and design teams in creating design documents that will successfully navigate the ACT review process. Including all the requested necessary information will avoid ACT comments and will help with the ACT ADA permit review too.

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Executive Order 01-2012

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