Found Pets at the Shelter

Below are found animals currently at the Seattle Animal Shelter or off-site at a veterinarian's office. Please note:

  • Our staff and volunteers make every effort to update this database when animals are brought in. However, there may be some animals currently under the shelter's care that are not yet listed in this database.
  • This list of found animals is separate from the public Lost and Found database, although pets may appear in both databases. If you've lost a pet, make sure to check both lists.

If your lost pet is under the care of the Seattle Animal Shelter:

  • Come to the Seattle Animal Shelter during regular business hours. Our staff will reunite you with your animal. (Please note: You still need to visit the shelter to retrieve your pet, even if your pet is listed below as "Vet - Off-site."
  • Fees will apply.
  • Learn more about preventing your pet from becoming lost.