Animal Control responds to dead and injured and/or sick wildlife within the city limits of Seattle. Dead wildlife that is under 15 pounds can be double bagged and disposed of in the regular trash.

PAWS Wildlife Center

The Seattle Animal Shelter partners with the PAWS Wildlife Center, a licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility located north of Seattle in Lynnwood. A volunteer from PAWS comes to SAS daily to transport animals to the center. PAWS also assists thousands of citizens facing conflicts with wildlife, working with them to find effective, long-term, humane solutions to wildlife problems.

If you have found a sick or injured wild animal, have questions about wild animal behavior, or are experiencing a wildlife problem, visit the PAWS website or call the center at (425) 412-4040.

Wildlife and disease concerns

Living with wildlife

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is the state agency responsible for managing wildlife and the interactions of wildlife with humans. WDFW also keeps a list of licensed wildlife rehabilitators in Washington state, which can be viewed here.

For information about living with specific types of wildlife, visit the WDFW Living with Wildlife web resource, or click on the links below: