Taxis, for-hires and limos: telling them apart

Learn the differences between Seattle taxis, for-hires and limos so you know what to expect from each service.


In Seattle, taxis are painted one solid color: yellow, orange, green or white are common. Also, taxis:


Passengers must pre-arrange for-hire trips either online or by calling the company. For-hire cars are painted different colors than taxis – the vehicle body paint is two or more colors rather than one solid color. Also, for-hire vehicles:

  • cannot be hailed from the street
  • charge a flat rate per trip for an agreed-upon price
  • do not have fare meters inside the vehicle
  • cannot have the words "taxi" or "cab" printed on the car


Limousines are for-hire luxury motor vehicles. Limos are commonly black four-door sedans, such as a town car. Some are multi-door stretch limos. In Seattle limousines are:

  • unmarked luxury vehicles
  • unmetered
  • cannot advertise that they provide taxicab services