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SNAP Program: Get Together

SNAP Host Kit Materials:

SNAP first meeting flyer (PDF)
SNAP first meeting agenda (PDF)
SNAP "Meeting Here" signs (PDF)
SNAP Neighborhood Communications Sheet (PDF)
SNAP Meeting Sign-In Sheet (PDF)
Download All SNAP Host Kit Materials (PDF)

Preparedness Materials:

Family Disaster Supplies Kit (PDF)
Family Disaster Plan (PDF)
Out of Area Contacts (PDF)
SNAP Brochure (PDF)
Download All Preparedness Materials (PDF)

SNAP Ice Breaker:

Interactive Bingo (PDF)
Everyone gets the same card. As people walk around meeting each other, they find someone whos done one thing on their card and writes that name on the square (limit one square per person). The winner is the first to fill their card with nine different names and can introduce all to the group! Give a light stick, whistle or other small preparedness item as a prize.

The first part of the SNAP process is to invite your neighbors, family and friends to prepare with you. This is like creating a "disaster team." If you have a neighborhood association or block watch, then you already have a good start on this part. Remember, the SNAP program is flexible in the number of people or households on your team. It's a little easier if you live within a few blocks of each other, but that's not a requirement. Ideally, 10 to 20 homes make a very manageable and efficient group.

Once you have identified your team, set a meeting date to talk about preparing together. To help you with this part, we've created SNAP Host Kit with a checklist sample agenda for your first meeting, a flyer you can fill-in and copy for your neighbors, a sign-in sheet for your meeting and preparedness materials for you and your neighbors. You can call or e-mail the Office of Emergency Management for your host kit at 206-233-5076 or snap@ Please allow two weeks for processing and mailing requests or call to arrange to pick up the materials.

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