Access & Functional Needs

The City of Seattle is a highly diverse community made up of individuals from unique backgrounds, speaking a variety of languages and possessing different abilities. For these individuals barriers may exist to obtaining information before, during, and after an emergency, making them more vulnerable to a disaster's impact. Because of this, it is important to make information accessible so that the strengths and needs of all communities are addressed.

When developing a disaster plan individuals may want to consider establishing a Personal Support Team (PST) at home, work and every place he/she spends a lot of time.  A PST is made up of at least three people who are within walking distance and can assist immediately following a major event.

Team members will need to know:

  • How to enter your home to check on you in case you are injured or trapped and cannot get to the door,
  • Be familiar with your schedule,
  • Special information regarding your care,
  • How to operate any necessary equipment, and
  • What your daily schedule and routines are

Planning ahead of the disaster will make getting through and thriving in the aftermath much easier.