Seattle is a beautiful place to live, work and play but it's not immune to major disasters. On the contrary, our region ranks number one in the country in terms of the number of hazards we face, which includes winter storms, landslides, flooding and earthquakes. The City of Seattle has identified 18 hazards that carry the greatest risk to the city. Out of this group the city considers earthquakes, winter storms, wind storms and terrorism to pose the highest risk due to their likelihood and potential consequences.

Seattle Hazard Identification and Vulnerability Assessment (SHIVA)

The SHIVA is intended for anyone wishing to better understand how hazards impact the Seattle community. Those wishing for an 'At A Glance' ranking of hazard threat can turn to the Hazard Ranking table on page 2-25. Others can use it as a reference and summary of current research. We welcome comments and suggestions. Please send them to T.J. McDonald at tj.mcdonald@seattle.gov.

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Seattle Hazard Explorer

Check out the Seattle Hazard Expolorer for an interactive tour of the data that can be found in the SHIVA. The Seattle Hazard Explorer introduces you to some of the city's key hazards using maps and videos.

Seattle Hazard Explorer

Seattle and King County Ready

Check out Seattle and King County Ready.This site is a collaboration between HazardReady, the University of Montana, King County, and the City of Seattle. The Hazard Ready tool lets you search any address in King County and get a customized report of the hazards that could impact that location and what steps you can take to get prepared.

Seattle King County Ready