Hazards and Plans

Thinking about disasters is something we try not to do. But the reality is that we live, work and play in an area that's vulnerable to a number of natural and man-made disasters. "What if" provides information about the risks we face in the Pacific Northwest.  Knowing these can help you decide what precautions to take. To learn more visit our hazards page.

Once we understand the risks we face, planning for what to do about them is the next step. We invite you to join us in this planning effort. Planning without community ideas and priorities is like building a house without the home owner's input. Our plans are only going to work if we engage people to talk about how we can work together in the aftermath of a major disaster. To get involved in community planning efforts contact Debbie Goetz at debbie.goetz@seattle.gov.  To learn more about our City of Seattle Plans visit our plans page.