Frequently Asked Questions

I am having difficulty with my landlord. Where can I find assistance?

One of the following organizations may be able to help:

Housing code violations and just cause evictions may be reported to the City by calling the Department of Planning and Development at (206) 684-7899.

Discrimination in housing may be reported to the City by calling the Office of Civil Rights at (206) 684-4500.

I received a letter inviting me to participate in the Choose 180 Young Adult Diversion Program. What is this program?

The Seattle City Attorney's Office is excited to partner with Choose 180, a Seattle area non-profit, to offer a Pre-Filing Diversion opportunity for some 18-24-year-olds who are accused of committing lower-level crimes and/or who have limited criminal history.

Instead of being processed through the criminal system, participants will be invited to participate in a 4-hour workshop presented by Choose 180. A charge will not be filed against participants who successfully complete the workshop.

Participants will also be encouraged to seek resources and further support through Seattle Municipal Court's Resource Center. 

I have questions regarding domestic violence and need phone numbers.

Please see the list of Support Agencies on our Domestic Violence page.

I missed my court date and I think I have a warrant out for my arrest. Who should I call?

The Seattle Municipal Court at (206) 684-5600.

How do I quash a Seattle Municipal Court warrant?

If you have an outstanding warrant, please call the Seattle Municipal Court at 206-684-5600 to check the status of your warrant and to learn about your options. 

How do I pay a fine?

Court fines can be paid in person at the Seattle Municipal Court, online, over the phone or at several other locations including neighborhood services centers.  For more information, please visit the Payment Information page on the Seattle Municipal Court Website.

Where should I take complaints about the City or request city services?

In general, if you think a City department is doing something it should not, or not doing something it should, you should contact the Customer Service Bureau.

City Hall
600 Fourth Avenue, First Floor
Seattle WA 98104-1858
Phone: 684-CITY (2489)
Fax: (206) 684-5529
Hearing and Speech Impaired (TTY) only: (206) 615-0476
Where should I take complaints about the City Attorney's Office employees?

Complaints or concerns may be made by writing the City Attorney's Office at:

701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2050
Seattle , WA 98104-7097
Telephone calls to the office's main number, (206) 684-8200, can also be routed to the employee's supervisor for handling. You may also contact the Customer Service Bureau, 684-CITY (2489).