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Today residential gigabit broadband internet service is available to most Seattle households, making Seattle one of the most gigabit-ready cities in the country. Gigabit service is available from cable providers Lumen, Comcast and Astound Broadband (formerly Wave). Seattle also has three internet service providers (ISPs) that offer gigabit service to apartment and condominium buildings (multi-dwelling unit buildings). The ISPs are Atlas Networks, Astound Broadband (formerly WaveG)and Google Fiber Webpass.

The map below shows areas where residential gigabit broadband internet is available from wireline cable operators. Providers are continually expanding their gigabit coverage, be sure to check with the providers to see what services may be available for your home. 

For apartment and condo buildings, use the building finder tools on the ISP website to see if a building is served.

Gigabit availability map

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