Group 1 Surveillance Impact Reports

Current Status of Group One SIRs

The final drafts have been prepared and are pending Surveillance Advisory Working Group review. For more information on the Surveillance Ordinance click here.

Public Comment Period is Closed

The public comment period for the first group of Surveillance Impact Reports (SIRs) was held October 8 - November 5, 2018. Five community meetings were held throughout the City, with presentations by subject matter experts and opportunities to ask questions and provide comments. Additionally, members of the public were able to submit comments through an online survey, email, and traditional mail. 

Group One Surveillance Impact Reports (SIRs)

The most recent version of the Surveillance Impact Report drafts are linked and available below:

SPD: Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR) (Patrol)
ALPR Policy Appendix

One Page Summary

SPD: Parking Enforcement (including ALPR)
Parking Enforcement Policy Appendix

One Page Summary
SDOT: Closed Circuit Television "Traffic Cameras" One Page Summary
SDOT: License Plate Readers (LPR) One Page Summary
SFD: Emergency Scene Cameras One Page Summary
SFD: Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Cameras One Page Summary

Additional Group One Materials

Meeting Video and Slides

Meeting 1 Video: Seattle Police Department Meeting 1, 3. & 4 Slides
Meeting 2 Video: SDOT & SFD Meeting 2 & 5 Slides
City of Seattle Surveillance Ordinance Video
SPD Group 1 Technologies Video
SFD Group 1 Technologies Video

Translations of Group One Flyers

(Korean) 한국어 -감시 자료
(Mandarin- Simplified) 简化字中文
(Cantonese - traditional) 繁體中文 
(Somali) Somali 
(Tagalog) Tagalog 
(Vietnamese) Tiếng Việt 
(Spanish) Español