New Citizen Campaign

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Thank you message from OIRA.

We're still working to get exact stat numbers. These are our preliminary tallies:

  • 1,300 clicks (the counter clicked every time someone went through the North Entry/attendee registration table).
  • Over 800 people showed up that day to volunteer their time for immigrant and refugee families.

Based on sign-in sheets:

  • About 380 people received immigration legal consultations.
  • More than 200 people served in the Family Safety Planning area.
  • More than 200 people attended the Know Your Rights training for allies and service providers in the morning.
  • Another 300 people attended the Know Your Rights trainings in the afternoon.
  • More than 100 people received naturalization application assistance.

Thanks again for helping make Inauguration Day 2017 one of inclusion and equity!



What to Bring for Citizenship Application Assistance

Download this complete list of documents to bring to the workshop / Descargue esta lista de documentos para llevar con usted al taller.


Citizenship Application Eligibility

  • Be at least 18 years old by the date you file.
  • Have been a lawful permanent resident for at least the last 5 years (or 3 years, if married to a U.S. citizen).
  • Have been present in the U.S. for 2.5 of the past 5 years (or 1.5 of the past 3, if married to a U.S. citizen) and have not been outside the U.S. for 1 year or more within the last 5 years (or 3 years, if married to a U.S. citizen).


Why You Should Become a U.S. CitizenA new American with USCIS representative Anne Corsano.

I. U.S. citizenship provides several unique rights and benefits:

  • Right to vote.
  • A U.S. passport.
  • Serve on a jury.
  • Become an elected official.
  • Become eligible for federal jobs.
  • Increased access to public benefits, employment, and educational opportunities.
  • Full protection under the United States Constitution.
  • Live outside the United States and take long trips outside the United States.
  • U.S. citizenship for children under 18.
  • You cannot be deported.
  • U.S. comes to your aid if traveling overseas.
  • You have priority if you want to help family members immigrate to the U.S.
  • You may benefit from dual citizenship.
  • Naturalized citizens tend to make more than 11% more than legal permanent residents. (Source:
  • Increases civic participation.
  • Increases English fluency.
  • Increases self-worth, asset-building, and sense of belonging.



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Support Team

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Community Partners

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Citizenship Workshop volunteers celebrate immigrants!



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Go here to learn more about the New Citizen Campaign (NCC).

Go here to learn more about the New Citizen Program (NCP).



New Citizen Campaign Kiosk
These citizenship informational kiosks, including access to an online web portal, will start appearing in City buildings across Seattle in 2017.


New Citizen Campaign

The New Citizen Campaign is an effort to help the tens of thousands of Seattle legal permanent residents (LPRs) become U.S. citizens. This campaign utilizes outreach and education, citizenship curriculum and legal assistance, and engagement with local and national partners to achieve our goal of naturalizing the over 75,000 LPRs living in the Seattle/King County area.

Because of our 2016 and 2017 citizenship workshops, the campaign is well on its way of achieving our goals. We anticipate a 63% increase in the number of eligible residents served to become naturalized citizens. In 2017, we expect a 125% increase.


2016 New Citizen Campaign Action Items

  • Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union partnership has developed a citizenship loan product to reduce financial barriers and increase access to banking services. You can find out more about this loan here.
  • USCIS partnership to promote citizenship and make resources easily available.
  • Broad public awareness campaign utilizing ethnic media and social media in multiple languages to highlight the benefits of citizenship.
  • New Citizen Campaign web portal will act as a clearinghouse for information and resources relevant to Seattle residents.
  • Kiosks at community centers, neighborhood service centers, customer service bureaus, and Seattle Public Libraries to provide information and resources.
  • Group processing events and clinics in immigrant-dense neighborhoods.
  • New partnerships with national coalitions, local networks, financial institutions, business, labor, and community-based organizations.

Download a flyer about the New Citizen Campaign. (Right-click, then select, "Save link as..." and save to your computer.)


New Citizen Program

The New Citizen Program (NCP) is a component of the New Citizen Campaign. NCP provides free naturalization services to low-income immigrants and refugees living in Seattle/King County through a consortium of 13 community-based organization partners (see below). Services include citizenship instruction/tutoring, interview preparation, assistance with submitting applications/waivers, and referrals for legal assistance. In-language services are available in Mandarin, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Cantonese, Tongan, Samoan, Korean, Amharic, Tigrinya, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Moldavian, Spanish, Burmese, Polish, French, and Arabic.

Since its inception, NCP has served over 17,800 people, provided naturalization assistance to over 11,300 legal permanent residents (LPRs), successfully naturalized 8,900 LPRs, and provided over 82,800 hours of instruction.

Download a flyer about the New Citizen Program. (Right-click, then select, "Save link as..." and save to your computer.)


New Citizen Program Partners

NCP partners are community-based organizations that have deep roots in the communities they serve. See right side bar for more information about our partner organizations.


Find Out More

For more information about the New Citizen Campaign and New Citizen Program, contact Nhi Tran at (206) 727-8515 or

Funding for NCP is provided by the City of Seattle, Seattle Housing Authority, and the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services.

Mayor Edward B. Murray and USCIS Field Director Anne Corsano pose with a new U.S. citizen on Citizenship Day 2015.

Banner photo credit: Alabastro Photography.