The CPC conducts many activities in workgroups which review SPD policies and practices and prepare recommendations for consideration by the full Commission.

Several workgroups have been suspended because they do not have current projects or have been integrated into the full commission meetings. If new work is identified, these groups will be reconvened and the dates, times, meeting locations and names of workgroup members will be posted here.

Currently the CPC has one active workgroup:

The accountability workgroup

The accountability workgroup reviews SPD's accountability system, including the structure, and policies and practices, of the Office of Professional Accountability which investigates complaints of police misconduct. The workgroup also reviews other SPD policies and practices related to the accountability system. While the CPC issued many of its accountability system recommendations in April 2014, new and follow-up work on SPD's accountability system continues.

Currently, meeting every Thursday, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Location varies

Rev. Harriet Walden and Lisa Daugaard (Co-chairs)
Claudia D'Allegri, Josias Flynn, Melinda Giovengo, Kay Godefroy, Enrique Gonzalez, Taylor Hoang, Jay Hollingsworth, David Keenan, Joe Kessler, Marcel Purnell, Isaac Ruiz, Aaron Williams