Serious and Deadly Force Investigation Task Force

Serious and Deadly Force Investigation Taskforce

In 2017, City Council passed Resolution 31753, mandating the Community Police Commission (CPC) to convene a group of stakeholders to assess the feasibility of establishing an investigation process external to the Seattle Police Department (SPD) for cases involving serious and deadly uses of force. To fulfill its mandate, the CPC established the Serious and Deadly Force Investigation Taskforce (SDFIT) to assess this issue and provide recommendations to the Council for its consideration as a basis for developing legislative changes. The CPC designated the Jim Graddon and André Taylor as co-chairs of the Taskforce.

Taskforce Members (Member Biographies)

·  Jim Graddon (Co-Chair), Formerly with King County Sheriff's Office

·  André Taylor (Co-Chair), Not This Time

·  James Bible, James Bible Law Group

·  Emma Catague, Community Police Commission, Filipino Community Center

·  Gregg Caylor, Seattle Police Department

·  Leslie Cushman, I-940 Campaign

·  Lisa Daugaard, Community Police Commission, Public Defender Association

·  Josh Johnson, City Attorney's Office

·  Mark Larson, King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office

·  Jim Maher, Council on American-Islamic Relations Washington

·  Michelle Merriweather, Urban League

·  Andrew Myerberg, Office of Police Accountability

·  Sweetwater Nannauck, Idle No More

·  Lorena Sepin, SafeFutures Youth Center

Meeting Information and Materials

1st Meeting - April 9, 2018

     ·  Agenda

     ·  Materials

              o   "The World of Force Investigation": Presentation by Captain Gregg Caylor (Force Investigation Team, Seattle Police Department)

              o   "Completely Independent Investigations as Mandated by I-940 and ESHB 3003": Presentation by Leslie Cushman (De-Escalate Washington)

     ·  Meeting Summary

2nd Meeting - May 10, 2018

    ·  Agenda

    ·  Materials

            o    Work Plan Formation

    ·  Meeting Summary

3rd Meeting - June 14, 2018

    ·  Agenda    

    ·  Materials

            o    Type III Force Flow Chart

            o    Presentation on Independent Investigation Models

            o    June Meeting Work Plan

     ·  Meeting Summary

4th Meeting - July 25, 2018   

     ·  Agenda

     ·  Materials           

             o    Fourth Meeting Presentation

     ·  Meeting Summary