Unlawful Detainer Eviction

The only lawful way to evict a tenant is through a process called an 'unlawful detainer' which is an eviction law suit filed in superior court. Evicting a tenant using an unlawful detainer action is a legal process that requires a court's involvement. It is ill-advised to proceed without legal representation as there are complex, technical, and procedural details involved.  If you make even a small mistake, it can affect the outcome. You should retain an attorney who specializes in landlord-tenant law in Seattle. King County Bar Association can give you a referral. The process begins when you serve a notice to pay or a notice to comply and the tenant fails to do so by the deadline.  An attorney will help you prepare a "summons and complaint" which must be served to the tenant and then filed in court.  Ultimately, a judge decides at a 'show cause hearing' if you will be restored possession of the rental property and the tenant will be evicted. If a 'writ of restitution' is granted restoring possession back to you, and the tenant does not vacate voluntarily, a sheriff will move the tenant out of the property. See here for state law.