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The mission of the Seattle Police Law Enforcement Exploring program is to bridge the gap between youth and police by educating and involving them in police operations and to interest them in Law Enforcement.

Exploring is for young men and women 14 to 21 years of age.

Exploring can further each Explorer's education, encourage the Explorer's participation in a rewarding and productive service activity, and enhance the Explorer's preparation for future roles as citizen and community members. Besides gaining a working knowledge of police work, the participants have the opportunity to give of themselves to their community.

What do explorers do?

Explorers have many opportunities to apply the training they receive during monthly meetings. For example, members volunteer at community events doing security work, directing traffic, fingerprinting small children, and helping with Crime Prevention Programs.

Members can also learn first hand how Police Officers do their jobs. Officers and Detectives with special skills are invited to meetings to explain how the Police Department investigates major crimes such as Homicides, Narcotics Violations and Gang Activity. Explorers also make in-person visits to such units as K-9 and Harbor Patrol.


Adrian Diaz

Officer Adrian Diaz


SPD Advanced Training
2203 Airport Way South
Building D, Suite 803
Seattle, WA 98134

Explorers meet monthly, but meeting dates and times change periodically due to ongoing events, training or holidays. Please contact the advisor prior to the arrival of your first meeting.

Explorers are required to attend a week long academy in the month of August.


You are eligible to be an Explorer if you are:

  • Between 14 and 21 years of age
  • You are registered as a full-time student with a grade point average of 2.5 or above
  • You have not been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor.
  • You can successfully pass a minimum background check and oral interview.


Explorers meet monthly. Explorers will be doing open enrollment three times a year, September, January and May Meetings. If you would like to attend a meeting during the open enrollment phase, please contact Officer Adrian Diaz at

  1. Candidates interested in becoming Explorers must attend 2 - 4 monthly meetings in succession.
  2. Upon attending the initial meetings, they are given an application. Upon receipt of the completed application, a background check is done on the applicant.
  3. Finally an oral board is given by a panel of existing Explorers for a final evaluation.
  4. At the successful completion of these procedures, the candidate becomes an Explorer.

There will be a minimum of two meetings per month; one training and one business, in which Explorers are required to attend. In addition to these two meetings, Explorers are required to participate in a minimum of one community event per month. Failure to fulfill these requirements may result in the termination of Explorer standing with the Post.


Being an Explorer offers many opportunities to learn valuable leadership and life skills, make new friends, interact with the public and most of all, have fun! Every year during the summer, the Seattle Police Explorers attend a Regional Law Enforcement Explorer Conference, which is hosted by a different city.


Law enforcement posts conduct a variety of programs and projects featuring safety, training, and service. The following listing is an example of some of the activities and training in which the Explorers may participate.

  • The history of law enforcement
  • Introduction to law enforcement
  • Note taking and study habits
  • Patrol procedures
  • Traffic control
  • Accident investigation and forms
  • Criminal investigation
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Vice and narcotics
  • Organized crime
  • Homicide
  • Crime lab
  • Search and arrest procedures
  • Defensive weapons
  • Custody
  • Fingerprint lifting
  • Fingerprint classifications
  • Domestic complaints
  • Crowd control procedures
  • Riot control procedures



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