Settlement Agreement History

DOJ Settlement Agreement

In July of 2012 a Settlement Agreement between the City of Seattle and the U.S. Department of Justice was signed.  The agreement outlined very specific requirements that the Seattle Police Department agreed to implement and institutionalize.  Since then Seattle has made great progress and has become a national model for other Police Departments across the country.  The key components of the Settlement Agreement have become the foundation of best practices for the Seattle Police Department.  The changes that have been made under the Settlement Agreement have been integrated and normalized in the culture and are now part of the Department's Standard Operating Procedures.

A major milestone was reached on January 10, 2018 when Federal Court Judge Robart found that the department was in "full and effective" compliance with the terms of the Consent Decree.  To demonstrate that the changes that were made are rooted in the fabric of the Department, a 2-year "Sustainment" period is currently underway.      

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