Department Fact Sheet

The Seattle Police Department is the largest Municipal law enforcement agency in Washington State.

About the City

Seattle Population: 713,700 (2017)

Seattle Physical Size: 143 square miles

Population of King County: 2.18 million (2017)

Washington State Population: 7.4 million (2017)

About the Department

Sworn Officers – 1,444

Civilian Employees - 580

911 Calls – 782,672 calls per year

Public Disclosure Requests -  6,236 (2017)


Responds to an average of 609 calls for service a day.

Proactively engages in 373 incidents a day.

Primary Duties of the Department

Sworn Officer Rank Structure

Policing involves a chain-of-command, with sworn officers of higher rank giving direction to those working under them as follows

  1. Chief of Police
  2. Deputy Chief
  3. Assistant Chief
  4. Captain
  5. Lieutenant
  6. Sergeant
  7. Officers and Detectives