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Line of duty deaths 1980 - 1999

NICK DAVIS - End of Watch: December 18, 1984
Nick Davis

Commission Date: August 13, 1979
Rank: Patrol Officer

On December 18, 1984, at about 6:25AM, Seattle Police Officer Nick Davis was shot and killed in the line of duty. Officer Davis was working a prowler car in the the First Hill area of the city. As he approached the International House of Pancakes at 950 East Madison Street, he saw one of the restaurant employees chasing a man. The employee told the officer that the suspect fled after failing to pay his $4.55 food bill. Officer Davis radioed for back up and approached the suspect. A struggle ensued and the suspect was able to take Officer Davis' revolver. The suspect shot Officer Davis twice. The suspect fled, but was captured a short distance away. Officer Nick Davis died 30 minutes later at Harborview Medical Center. He was survived by his wife Stacie and his three sons Jeff, Jim, and Jerry.

DALE EGGERS - End of Watch: April 23, 1985
Dale Eggers

Rank: Patrol Officer

On April 23, 1985, around 11:30 AM, Seattle Police Officer Dale Eggers was shot and killed in the line of duty. Officer Eggers was working an off-duty job at the SeaFirst Bank, Beacon Hill Branch, when a lone gunman entered and robbed the teller at Window #2. As the suspect was leaving the bank, he saw Officer Eggers at a desk using the telephone. From a distance of about 10 feet, he shot Officer Eggers in the back of the head with a sawed-off shotgun. Officer Dale Eggers was rushed to Harborview Hospital by Medic One. Officer Eggers died at 12:40 PM. He was survived by his daughter. On April 28, 1985, the day of Officer Eggers’ funeral, Bellingham PD SWAT apprehended his killer.

ANTONIO TERRY - End of Watch: June 4, 1994
Antonio Terry

Commission Date: February 21, 1990
Rank: Narcotics Detective

On June 4, 1994, at about 1:30AM, Seattle Police Detective Antonio Terry was shot and killed in the line of duty. Detective Terry was exiting I-5 near Boeing field, at the Swift-Albro exit, when he happened upon an occupied disabled vehicle. Detective Terry stopped his unmarked police car behind the disabled vehicle. One of the suspects recognized him as a police officer and opened fire, wounding him. The suspects fled the scene. Detective Terry managed to drive himself nearly two miles to the South Precinct where fellow officers summoned aid. Detective Antonio Terry was taken to Harborview Hospital where he died at 4:01AM. He was survived by his wife Cheryl, two sons, Austin and Colton, and daughter Vanessa.

KENNETH L. DAVIS - End of Watch: May 11, 1995
Kenneth Davis

Commission Date: January 31, 1966
Rank: Patrol Officer

On May 11, 1995, during the early morning hours, Seattle Police Officer Kenneth L. Davis was killed in the line of duty. As he left the North Precinct in his personal vehicle, a Washington State Patrol Trooper was stopping a Corvette for a traffic violation at an I-5 off-ramp. As the Trooper approached the vehicle, it sped off. The Trooper pursued the vehicle. The fleeing suspect drove recklessly through side streets until he blew through the intersection at North 107th Street and Meridian Avenue North, colliding with Officer Davis' vehicle. The suspect fled the scene on foot. Containment was set up and a K-9 unit was able to locate the suspect, who was taken into custody. Officer Kenneth L. Davis died instantly at the scene. He was survived by his wife Renie, and two sons Zachary and Rick.

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