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East CPT

CPT Ofc. Casey Sundin takes part in a double dutch contest at a Capitol Hill street fair. (Photo courtesy Paul Israel)


Phone:  684-4370  

Sgt. Jay Shin (unit supervisor)
(206) 733-9536 |

Ofc. Casey Sundin (Charlie Sector)
(206) 684-4373 |

Ofc. Chris Brownlee (Edward Sector)
(206) 684-4371 |

Ofc. Gerald House (Edward Sector)
(206) 684-4374 |

Ofc. Art Garza (George Sector)
(206) 684-4349 |

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Unlike Patrol Officers, East CPT are here to focus on the long-term, and often chronic problems specific to individual neighborhoods. They specialize in unconventional solutions to crime and community issues that traditional policing can’t effectively address.

It is their job to know the residents in troubled apartments, to recognize by sight, the "regulars" who congregate on the corner, and to understand the ongoing problems and concerns of neighbors and businesses. CPT is about partnering with the community to develop unique solutions to not only fight crime, but especially to reduce fear and build community.


Ofc. Casey Sundin (Charlie Sector)
(206) 684-4373 |

East Precinct maintains close contact with nightlife/nightclub activities by having a CPT officer assigned to be the single point of contact for club owners, the public and other City departments.  That officer not only understands that unique needs and issues of nightlife businesses, but also maintains a close relationship with club management and night time patrol officers to address concerns early and systemically.


Ofc. Bennie Radford
(206) 684-4353 |

The Garfield campus includes not only the high school, but also the Teen Life center, a City pool, athletic fields and the Garfield community center.  East precinct has an officer assigned full time to that overall campus and immediate area, with special focus on the high school when it is in session. 


Ofc. John Skommesa (SHA)
(206) 684-4372 |

The SHA officers assigned full time through CPT are dedicated to monitoring the unique needs of SHA properties and are available to the precinct for other special projects as needed.  East Precinct is home to the largest single SHA property—the Yesler Terrace—as well as a number of other sites scattered across the precinct.  Their positions are funded on a reimbursement basis by the Seattle Housing Authority.

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