Online Crime Maps

City of Seattle My Neighborhood Map System provides two ways of viewing crimes mapped online. They each provide different information. More details about the type of data that is reported on this map are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Police 911 Map

911 Map

This map displays, as close to real time as possible, both Police and Fire responses from the last 48 hours. Police incidents populate the map when the response is "closed". The Police response information comes from our Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system

This map will give you a sense of the calls that the police department is actively responding to, and the overall police/fire response in the city.

The online police report map

SPD Records Map

This map displays, within approximately 12 hours, data from initial Police Reports only. The data is archived and therefore searchable across weeks and months and includes links to our Police Report Viewing System with corresponding Police Reports. 

The Police Report Data comes from our Records Management System (RMS).This map will give you more detailed information about events.