Women's Personal Safety Class

Learn proactive tips and step you can take to enhance your personal safety taught by female Seattle police officers. 

Our class goals;

  • Know the important role your instincts and gut reactions play
  • Discover potentially dangerous situations and how to avoid them
  • Learn how to make a safety plan
  • Decrease the odds of becoming a victim

Upcoming Classes: 

  • November 9, 2019
  • December 7, 2019
  • January 11, 2020
  • February 08, 2020
  • March 21, 2020
  • April 25, 2020

About the class: 

  • This is a facilitated discussion and lecture about crime prevention and safety.
  • This is not a self-defense class.
  • This class is open to women of all ages and most appropriate for young women who are at least 14 year of age or older.  For that reason, children should not attend.

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Training for community groups

If staffing is available, we may be able to provide safety training to your community group or workplace. 


  1. We would need access to video projection for the presentation. 
  2. Ideally, we would need at least 20 attendees to best utilize our instructor time.
  3. Our presentation is 2.5 hours but we may be able to shorten or tailor the presentation.
  4. The training is free and attendees are more than welcome to attend any currently scheduled class.

You may contact Ms. Felicia Cross at felicia.cross@seattle.gov to request a presentation.