Robbery and Theft Prevention

Thieves are on the lookout for jewelry, wallets, smart phones, and other portable electronics.

Be aware

  • Keep your head up and scan your surroundings.  Make eye contact with people so they are aware that you see them.  This sends a message that you know they are there, and that you can also identify them if necessary.
  • Walk confidently. Project an assertive, confident image.
  • Avoid listening to music through earphones when out on the street.  It prevents you from paying full attention, and distracts you from what and who is around you.
  • If you are being followed, or you see a person or group that makes you feel uncomfortable, give yourself permission to act; cross the street, walk in another direction, go in to a business, or ask other people walking if you may walk a short distance with them.

Protect Your property

  • Carry your valuables safely. Don't display valuable items (e.g., iPods, iPhones, cash), when walking to and from your destination.
  • When using public transportation, keep your backpack, purse, shopping bag, packages, etc., in your lap, on your arm, or between your feet -- not by themselves on an empty seat.
  • Put your phone away; only use it if you really need to.  After you're done, put it away again. Password protect your cell phone.
  • Enable GPS locator features on your cell phone.
  • Write down the make model & serial # of the phone and keep that info in a safe place.
  • If you wear necklaces or other valuable jewelry, wear them underneath your clothing rather than prominently displayed. 

If you are confronted

  • If someone demands your property and displays or implies in any way that they have a weapon, don't resist.  Your physical property isn't worth getting injured or killed over.
  • Do not pursue the thief.  Put distance between you and the thief. 
  • Call 911 and report the crime as soon as possible.  Language Lines for interpretation are available.