East Precinct Contacts

East Precinct Burglary/Theft and Juvenile
(206) 684-5740

The Burglary/Theft Investigations Team investigates property crimes and crime committed by minors within each precinct. Being located within each precinct allows for closer communication with patrol, and more direct follow-up with property crime victims.

Community Policing Team
(206) 684-4370

Community Police Team Officers focus on long-term and chronic problems in specific neighborhoods - problems that are often outside the bounds of regular patrol work.  It is their job to understand the ongoing problems and concerns of neighbors and businesses.  

CPT Supervisor - Sergeant Joe Lam 
(206) 733-9536

George Sector - Officer Corey George
(206) 684-4374 

Edward Sector - Officer Casey Steiger
(206) 684-4376

Edward Sector - Officer Mark Witherbee
(206) 684-4352

Charlie Sector - Officer Brian Blase
(206) 684-4373