Improve Dog Off-Leash Areas

Updated: January 25, 2018

Winter 2018

One of the Seattle Park District Maintaining Parks and Facilities funding initiatives is to Improve Dog Off-Leash Areas (OLAs). This initiative will improve existing OLAs through increased maintenance and updates to aging infrastructure. There is a list of all 14 OLAs on the Dog Off Leash Areas webpage.

What work happened in 2016?

In 2016 we built a new fence around the 8.6-acre Magnuson Park OLA and completed the People, Dogs, and Parks Plan.

What work happened in 2017?

Genesee Park

Regrade Park

  • Planning and design for a concrete curb and new fence along Bell St

Woodland Park

What will happen in 2018?

Construction at Genesee Park, Regrade Park, and Woodland Park OLAs will take place in February and March.

Seattle Parks and Recreation will select projects prioritized in the People, Dogs, and Parks Plan.


Seattle Park District allocates $100,000 annually for capital improvements.

For construction questions contact Shannon Glass.
For other questions please contact Danyal Lotfi,