Hiawatha Community Center Stabilization

Updated: August 9, 2022

Community Center Stabilization

Seattle Parks and Recreation is waiting on approval of a FEMA grant before we can proceed with bidding and construction for this community center stabilization project. FEMA believes we will have approval of the Grant in late September of this year. With approval of the grant we can proceed to bidding.

Hiawatha Community Center was identified in the 2016 Community Center Strategic plan for a major maintenance project focused on extending the life of the facility and increasing programming potential. A preliminary scope of the project is outlined below. The final scope is expected to be refined throughout the design process based on more information about cost and needs. Seattle Parks and Recreation planning staff are meeting with the community center Advisory Council to review the scope and schedule.

Community Center Stabilization Frequently Asked Questions


Hiawatha Community Center, 2700 California Ave SW, 98116  


$3,900,000 provided by a combination of the 2008 Parks and Green Space Levy and the Seattle Parks District  


Planning and Design: Fall 2018 - Winter 2021
Bidding: October 2022
Construction: November 2022- January 2023

Project Description

This project addresses a number of major maintenance, accessibility, and program needs at Hiawatha Community Center. It will include a seismic retrofit of the gym and brick veneer, roof replacement, renovation of the restrooms, kitchen and lobby spaces in addition to relocation of the teen room.