City Buildings Resource Conservation

To improve resource efficiency across the City of Seattle's building portfolio, the Office of Sustainability and Environment coordinates a citywide Resource Conservation Management Initiative.

Resource conservation is not new to the City. Capital departments, those who own and/or manage the City's buildings, have made significant investments in the energy and water efficiency of their facilities over the past years. One of the key findings from the Seattle Municipal Buildings 2012-2013 Energy Performance Report (PDF) is that where the City has made investments in energy efficiency, we see better performing buildings with correspondingly lowered utility costs. The Energy Performance Report shows that while many buildings are performing well, there is still significant opportunity for improvement in others. In 2012 the City established the Citywide Resource Conservation Management Initiative to centralize resource use monitoring and to coordinate with capital departments to build on their existing efforts to improve the efficiency of City facility operations.

The Resource Conservation Management Plan (PDF), established by Resolution 31491, outlines the actions necessary to meet the 20% energy efficiency goal by 2020 for existing City-owned buildings and provides a comprehensive strategy to guide energy efficiency and resource conservation investments across all City facilities.

Seattle Municipal Buildings 2012-2013 Energy Performance Report

The City of Seattle's Energy Benchmarking and Reporting Program requires building owners to track and annually report building energy performance to the City. The City believes energy benchmarking is an important best management practice and public disclosure of performance promotes transparency and accountability. As such, the City is going beyond the minimum requirements of the benchmarking law by publicly sharing the energy performance of City-owned buildings. The report covers City-owned building energy use for calendar years 2012-2013.