Building Tune-Ups

Seattle Building Tune-Ups is a progressive energy efficiency policy that helps building owners identify smart, responsible ways to reduce energy and water costs. Like cars and bikes, all buildings need to be tuned regularly to keep them running as efficiently as possible. Through tune-ups, building owners find operational efficiencies and low- and no-cost fixes that improve building performance and on average reduce building energy use 10-15%.


Building Tune-Ups Summary Reports due March 1, 2019 for buildings 200,000 SF or greater.

As we await the launch of the Building Tune-Ups online portal, the City of Seattle is accepting the Microsoft Excel version of the Building Tune-Ups Summary report. Please email completed workbooks to The workbook, along with implementation of all Required Correction Actions, is due March 1, 2019 for 200,000+ SF buildings.

Alternative Compliance Requests due April 1, 2019 for buildings between 100,000 SF and 199,999 SF.

For 200,000+ SF buildings, the eligibility window for Alternative Compliance requests has closed, but the City of Seattle will still accept One-year Extension requests due to Change of Ownership or Low Occupancy until the Tune-Up deadline of 3/1/2019.

For buildings between 100,000 SF and 199,999 SF, the Alternative Compliance deadline is 4/1/2019. To submit an Alternative Compliance request, read about the various pathways, review the requirements for the chosen pathway, and then submit the completed form with all required supporting documentation to