Building Tune-Ups

Seattle Building Tune-Ups is a progressive energy efficiency policy that helps building owners identify smart, responsible ways to reduce energy and water costs. Like cars and bikes, all buildings need to be tuned regularly to keep them running as efficiently as possible. Through tune-ups, building owners find operational efficiencies and low- and no-cost fixes that improve building performance and on average reduce building energy use 10-15%.


Upcoming Deadlines Extended due to COVID-19

We understand that COVID-19 may make building access more difficult and potentially cause delays to your Tune-Up work. For that reason, the grace period for Cohort 2 buildings (100,000-199,999 SF) has been extended until October 1, 2020.  Please submit your Tune-Up (including implementation of all Required Corrective Actions) to the City via the Seattle Services Portal by this date to avoid a penalty of $2,500.

Likewise, the Building Tune-Up deadline for Cohort 3 buildings (70,000-99,999 SF) has been extended to April 1, 2021. Those instead seeking to comply via one of the Alternative Compliance pathways will now have until October 1, 2020 to submit your request.

Tune-Up incentive money from Puget Sound Energy

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) launched a Tune-Up incentive program for buildings with gas heating. See their website for program requirements and eligibililty details.

Reminder, online Tune-Up submittals are required via the Seattle Services Portal

The City of Seattle has launched the Building Tune-Ups module on the Seattle Services Portal. All submittals related to the Building Tune-Ups program must be done using the Seattle Services Portal. The Microsoft Excel version of the Building Tune-Up Summary report will no longer be accepted, although it is still useful for field use. Before submitting via the Seattle Services Portal, you will need to create an account if you haven't previously done so, and then claim your building using the claim code mailed to the owner of record. If you need assistance with a building claim code, please email us at