This page provides background information on the Building Tune-Ups policy, program resources, and guidance on where to go for support in complying with the Tune-Ups requirements.

Background Documents

Basic Program Information

  • The Building Tune-Ups Overview is a two-page handout that summarizes the Building Tune-Ups requirements, the Tune-Up process, and provides information on the options for complying with the policy requirements.
  • The Building Owner's Guide will help building owners and managers understand the Building Tune-Ups process. It will orient owners to what a Tune-Up Specialist will evaluate and verify in buildings so the owner can assess the required scope of work for their property.The FAQ Handout addresses common questions ranging from understanding the motivation behind creating the Building Tune-Ups program to understanding program detailed requirements.
  • The Building Tune-Ups OSE Director's Rule 2016-01 clarifies the requirements of SMC 22.930 and the processes through which building owners and other affected parties may satisfactorily comply with the requirement and report the results to the City of Seattle.
  • The Northwest Energy Efficiency Council maintains a list of firms with staff that meet the requirements of a Tune-Up Specialist. Inclusion on the list is voluntary and does not represent an endorsement by the City of Seattle.

Compliance Documents

  • The Building Tune-Ups Workbook is a spreadsheet that provides a preview of all of the information required to demonstrate completion of a Tune-Up. The workbook is a resource to help building owners and their representatives initiate work to meet compliance deadlines but will not be submitted to the City. All tune-up data will be submitted to the City through the Seattle Services Portal.
  • The Alternative Compliance handout provides a summary of all Tune-Up Equivalency and Exemplary Performance compliance options. 
  • The Waivers and Extensions handout provides a summary of all options for a waiver from a Tune-Ups cycle and for one-year extensions.
  • The City of Seattle Building Tune-Ups YouTube page contains detailed videos of the Building Tune-Up requirements and Alternative Compliance pathways.
  • The Building Tune-Ups compliance status spreadsheet contains the compliance status for Cohort 3 and Cohort 4 buildings (last update 11.15.2021). 

Case Studies

See the Tune Up Accelerator case studies here.

Utility Incentives Available for Building Tune-Up Equivalent Pathways 

  • Puget Sound Energy (PSE) has incentive money available for buildings with PSE gas heating. See their website for requirements and eligibility details.
  • Seattle City Light (SCL) has incentive money available for buildings participating in SCL Monitoring Based Commissioning (MBCx). See their handout for requirements and eligibility details. 

Additional Information

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