Kshama Sawant

Tax Amazon: Funding for COVID-19 Relief & the Housing Crisis!


I was elected by working people in Seattle to be a voice for raising the minimum wage, for affordable housing, and for taxing the rich to fund public transportation and public education.

While big business posted record profits last year, working people in Seattle face unaffordable housing, low wages, slashed social services, and high taxes.
As a City Councilmember, I am using my position to help build, unite, and give political voice to the struggles of low-paid workers, youth, people of color, and all those who are shut out by the political machine tailored to protect the interests of the big corporations and the wealthy elite.

We live in one of the richest cities in the richest nation on earth. There is no shortage of resources. Yet the current economic and political system has given working people recession, unemployment, underemployment, and homelessness. Another world is both possible and necessary.

The victory for $15/hour in Seattle has inspired workers across the country and around the world. Let's keep this momentum going as we fight for future victories around affordable housing, progressive taxation and climate justice.