Current Issues

Council's Balancing Package
The Council puts together its version of the City budget after receiving a proposal from the Mayor in late September. Each Councilmember offers amendments, and the budget chair - Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda - puts together a draft budget, or balancing package, that reflects the Council's shared values and priorities.
Budget Process
This page aims to serve as a baseline of information for the public to understand the budget, and engage in the Council’s process.
Tiny House Villages
Councilmember Kshama Sawant is sponsoring a bill to expand access to Tiny House Villages throughout Seattle. This bill will allow Seattle to issue permits for from 0 to 40 villages, in any zone.
Creating Permanent Supportive Housing
Councilmember Andrew Lewis announced a proposal to create more Permanent Supportive Housing faster and at reduced costs.
Coronavirus / COVID-19 Information and Resources
As the City of Seattle navigates the response to the coronavirus / COVID-19, the Seattle City Council has put together the following resource guide to help provide information and resources to the public.
The following letters have been signed by at least two councilmembers